I am just a grain of salt amidst the sea of people. I love people, old and young. I live to serve others and love adventures in order to meet new people. I feed off of bringing people joy. I am quirky and weird or so my best friends tell me. When I am not busy, which is just about never, I blare music and make art. I love to travel; unfortunately, that hobby is costly so I resort to books. I could spend 24 hours straight in a bookstore and still not want to leave. I should probably consider attending a rehab for Starbucks addicts. I am a perfectionist, yet I can be messy and a scatter brain. That alone describes my life as nothing about me or around me makes any sense. Luckily, I have Jesus Christ to lead me through the chaos of life. I am a woman after God’s own heart, seeking preparation for full-time ministry.